30 September

Cloud Projects Ideas

We offer following Cloud based projects in JAVA/JEE and Open Source technologies

  • Open Source Cloud Apps  Solution with Saas,PaaS,IaaS
  • A Profile-based Approach to Just-in-time Scalability for Cloud Applications
  • EnaCloud: An Energy-saving Application Live Placement Approach for Cloud Computing Environments
  • From Service Clouds to User-centric Personal Clouds
  • Semantic Modeling for Cloud Computing, Part 1
  • Deployment of Services in a Cloud Subject to Memory and License Constraints
  • Activity-aware chat system based on a study of distributed collaborative learning
  • Application Performance Isolation in Virtualization
  • Optimistic Synchronization of Parallel Simulations in Cloud Computing Environments
  • SOA’s Last Mile Connecting Smartphones to the Service Cloud
  • Intelligent Management of Remote Facilities through a Ubiquitous Cloud Middleware
  • An Efficient Resource Management System for On-line Virtual Cluster Provision
  • The Method and Tool of Cost Analysis for Cloud Computing
  • Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources
  • On Technical Security Issues in Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing for Satellite Data Processing on High End Compute Clusters
  • Policy-based Event-driven Services-oriented Architecture for Cloud Services Operation & Management
  • A RESTful Approach to the Management of Cloud Infrastructure
  • Architecture-Driven Variation Analysis for Designing Cloud Applications
  • Service Oriented Architecture for Cloud based Travel Reservation Software as a Service
  • Improving Scalability of Software Cloud for Composite Web Services
  • Ranking Mortgage Origination Applications using Customer, Product, Environment and Workflow Attributes
  • Understand Collaborative Authorization Policies: Models and Specifications
  • MONGOOSE: MONitoring Global Online Opinions via Semantic Extraction
  • Rule-based Problem Classification in IT Service Management
  • Unibus-managed Execution of Scientific Applications on Aggregated Clouds
  • Design and Implementation of an efficient Two-level Scheduler for Cloud Computing Environment
  • Dynamic Auction Mechanism for Cloud Resource Allocation
  • Profit-driven Service Request Scheduling in Clouds
  • Expanding the Cloud: A component-based architecture to application deployment on the Internet
  • Dynamic Load-Balanced Multicast for Data-Intensive Applications on Clouds
  • SLA-Driven Dynamic Resource Management for Multi-tier Web Applications in a Cloud
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